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Thank you for your interest in my practice. 


Within all of us lies a deep wellspring of wisdom, guidance, and vitality. Yet, at certain times we encounter inner and outer obstacles which challenge our established methods of navigating our unique life's journey and obscure or confuse our connection to our inherent knowing of which way to proceed down our own path. 


It is my lived experience, both in my own journey, and in my 19+ years of experience as a helping professional, that, for those so inclined, such moments of crisis and confusion also offer us opportunities for transformational growth. 


Such moments can be doorways, not entirely unlike the fictional wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia, leading us on a journey of Self-discovery that can fundamentally shift who we know ourselves to be, and how we see and experience our interrelationship with the world around us.  


If you are finding yourself on just such an adventure of Self-discovery, I invite you to reach out via phone or email and schedule a conversation to explore how we might work together to support you in this particular stage of your journey.  I see my role as one of walking alongside you, partially as an experienced guide of such journeys, providing maps, skills, and resources for the adventure, and partially as a midwife holding space and assisting a birthing from within you that has its own innate genius and directionality.




Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Drawing on Mindfulness Meditation, Self Compassion, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, IFS, Trauma Informed Yoga, Shamanic practices, Jungian Depth Psychology, Ecotherapy, Existential Philosophy and Somatic and Experiential psychotherapies we will collaborate to help you find a clear and embodied connection with your own inner guidance and resources.


Learning to turn towards your authentic, immediate experiencing with respect and care, we begin to replace unconsciousness and self rejection with increasingly allowing a compassionate presence to whatever is present and unfolding, facilitating your nervous and endocrine systems to realign and harmonize between that-which-is within and around you. 


Dis-ease is gradually replaced with ease and unconditional acceptance of your complexity, in all of its polarities, as you learn to take hold of response-ability for your experience and your behaviors and in creating the life for which you long.


Transformational Coaching and Psychospiritual Integration

Our Spirit flows forth from Source, the Great Mystery, the Oneness of all things.


Our embodied Soul deeply enshrines the unique particularity of who we were born to be, what we came here to do, who we are meant to do it with, and where we are meant to engage in this dance of life.

Our Ego navigates the intersection of our inner and outer worlds, storing our history, assessing and judging our experiences, and developing patterned ways of relating to ourselves and the world around us.

As a result of serious and sustained spiritual practice, trauma and overwhelm, the use of psychedelics, or other forms of initiation, we may become aware of these and other layers or aspects of our nature and struggle to weave a harmonious way of being-in-the-the-world that skillfully honors the different levels and facets of reality that comprise the wholeness of who we already truly are.


Psychospiritual Integration services assist those dealing with such challenges to find their own authentic path, vision, and voice for embodying their unique gifts into the real world as it is.


Relationship as Mirror and Path

Relationship is at the heart of who we are and all we do. Some relationships are especially important to our sense of security, identity and direction in this one precious and finite lifetime. 


 I work with couples and moresomes in traditional exclusive marriages and in Polyamorous and other CNM or Open relationships to recognize and realize the growth opportunities inherent in the inevitable challenges, frictions and conflicts which arise within intimate partner connections.


When we recognize our experience of our partner(s) as a mirror for exploring important aspects of our relationship with ourselves and with life itself, and we commit to the particularity of the path presented by the unique nature of the specific other(s) we have been drawn together with, we afford ourselves an extraordinary opportunity for healing and growth.


As a sex positive and kink aware professional, my work is inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, and libido levels. I believe personal and sexual sovereignty and consent create the necessary foundations for healthy intimate connection.


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Phone: 512.736.9166


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